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Hornbach, Adeo and Obi grow most strongly

The ranking of the top 10 European DIY retailers is part of the Statistics Home Improvement Retail 2020 published by Dähne Verlag in August.

The ranking of the top 10 European DIY retailers is part of the Statistics Home Improvement Retail 2020 published by Dähne Verlag in August.

Plus 8.1 per cent, plus 7.8 per cent, plus 6.6 per cent - with these growth rates, the number five, the number one and the number three in the DIY trade European top 10 are setting themselves apart from their competitors: the German DIY store operator Hornbach increased net sales gained on its home market and abroad in the year 2019 to EUR 4.428 bn. European market leader Adeo from France reached EUR 21.379 bn, and Obi, market leader in Germany, made sales of EUR 6.866 bn. These figures have been established by Dähne Verlag for its Statistics Home Improvement Retail. The complete volume will be out in August - however the statistics experts at the German professional publisher, which is specialised in the DIY and garden industry, have already published the ranking of the ten largest DIY store groups.

The lowest growth rate of the year 2019 was recorded by the British Kingfisher group; the second largest European DIY trading group grew by only 0.3 per cent - calculated in euros; in pounds sterling it was a minus of 0.8 percent. Also remaining below the one per cent mark was the German Hagebau cooperative.

Overall, the top 10 of the European DIY trade sector made sales of EUR 65.026 bn last year. That was EUR 2.880 bn or 4.6 per cent more than the previous year.

New statistics from Dähne Verlag

More figures on the current development of the industry can be found in the new statistics publications from Dähne Verlag. Both statistics publications can be pre-ordered now:

⇒ Statistics Home Improvement Retail | Europe | 2020 | in English

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Statistics Home Improvement Retail 2020 Europe
Comes out in August
Statistik Baumarkt + Garten 2020 Deutschland - Österreich - Schweiz
Comes out on 28 May
|15 May 2020 | 11:51


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