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Aveve gives its 250 garden centres a completely new concept

Aveve gives its 250 garden centres a completely new concept.

Aveve gives its 250 garden centres a completely new concept.

The Aveve garden centres in Belgium are getting a total makeover. The garden centre in Mechelen, which is among the largest of the approx. 250 locations, was the first store to be reopened after the redesign.

In addition, the store in Ooostrozebeke in a medium-sized format and the smaller store in Hannuit will be converted to the new concept this spring. By the end of the year, around ten locations are to be redesigned, after that around 50 transformations per year are planned so that all stores will be converted by the end of 2023. The Arvesta group is investing around EUR 30 mio in the new appearance. Around 200 of the stores are currently operated as franchises.

The new claim "Aveve, le plaisir ca se cultive" (translated by the company as "This is where the joy grows") is intended to express the three basic ideas on which the new appearance is based: customer experience, authenticity and quality. A shop concept with a central inspiration centre was developed together with the retail design agency Mojo. When shopfitting, materials with a warm vibrancy and warm colours were decided upon.

In the garden assortment, the kitchen garden (including urban gardening) plays a greater role. In addition, ecological plant protection products have been introduced under the company's own brand. The range of indoor plants has also been extended. The pet area has been completed with trendy commodities for dogs and cats. Here, there is also a focus on health and natural feed. The offer of food has been particularly expanded with locally produced products.

Behind the new concept is mainly Erik Haegeman, chief executive officer for retail and former boss of Bricorama France und Brico Belgium. He summarises the rationale: "With our concept we are saying goodbye to a product-orientated way of thinking and are turning to comprehensive solutions". Therefore, the offer of customer seminars will also be significantly expanded.

|25 April 2019


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