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First insights into the Home Improvement Report Worldwide

Rainer Strnad (front) and Michael Greiner presented first results from the report. (Source: Dähne Verlag)
Rainer Strnad (front) and Michael Greiner presented first results from the report. 

This year, a new study on the worldwide home improvement market will be published. The new Home Improvement Report Worldwide is being prepared by the editorial team of DIY International at Dähne Verlag in close cooperation with the associations Edra/Ghin and Hima. Rainer Strnad, managing editor of DIY International, and his colleague and statistics expert Michael Greiner were guests at the virtual Global DIY Summit today to present the new work.

Rainer Strnad provided a glimpse of the initial findings of the report. The growth rates of the DIY companies show a high spread, also because the comparative figures from the previous year are very different due to different lockdown situations. Although most DIY store operators have achieved sales gains, these increases must be viewed against the background of upwardly spiralling inflation rates worldwide. "At the end of the day, it is not real growth in many cases, but merely price- or inflation-driven growth," he said.

A preview of the new Home Improvement Report Worldwide was given by Michael Greiner, editor at Dähne Verlag, who is responsible for the new report. "We will have several new chapters in the future report," Greiner explained.

These include the sections "Focus on Asia-Pacific", "Focus on Africa", "Inflation worldwide" and a new summary of the findings as a management summary. Overall, the report will have more pages in the global analysis section and will now cover the top 20 companies worldwide in detail instead of the top 10. In addition to further content, there will be a completely revised layout, which should make it easier for the reader to grasp the figures.

A central innovation in terms of content is the breakdown of the individual national markets into what are termed a "DIY Market", "Home Improvement Market" and "Calculated Market". Here, the orientation is from "small to large" and from a "high reliability of the data to a low to higher" reliability of the data, says Greiner. "Along with this, we want to achieve greater transparency overall to make the figures more comprehensible," explains the data journalist. To this end, he says, the plan is to introduce a new appendix that will include, among other things, a list of sources and a classification of the probably more than 400 companies worldwide in the DIY and home improvement sector. As in the previous reports, at least 53 countries are to be covered in the country list. Currently, the data is still being compiled in close cooperation with Edra and Ghin.

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