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Coatings manufacturer Blanchon regards itself as a trail-blazer in France with its Aquarétane line of water-based paints

The French company, which has its headquarters at Saint-Fons, offers products for the consumer market under the Syntilor brand name and for professional users under the name of Blanchon.
The Syntilor brand was created in 1970 and marketed solely through DIY superstores, where it is still exclusively represented today. Six product families are available under this brand name: paints, lacquers, parquet varnishes, coatings for flooring, timber or metal as well as pickling solutions and products for cabinet-makers.
Nette présentation des produits au point de vente.
The company invests five per cent of turnover in research to achieve its declared goal of creating products which are equally good or better than the best on the market. What is more, it aims to anticipate market demand and future expectations. In this context the company brought out the Aquaréthane line about eleven years ago, a series of solvent-free timber treatment products which are odourless and non-toxic for both human beings and the environment. This product line enjoys advantages such as the “NF Environnement” award, the “Blue Angel” in Germany and the EN 7103 European standard.
The Blanchon group is also internationally oriented and has a presence in 21 different countries. There are subsidiary companies in Germany, Belgium and Italy as well as a joint venture with a Polish manufacturer since 1996.
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