Rainer Strnad is managing editor of DIY International.
Rainer Strnad is managing editor of DIY International.

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The future is purely digital

Hard copy has transitioned to online: from now on, DIY International will be providing its readership with exclusively online information from the global home improvement sector

The future is digital. This was the message with which the trade magazine DIY International finally bid farewell to the medium of paper at the end of 2021. Although the magazine will no longer appear in print, however, in-depth reporting on the international home improvement sector will certainly continue.

As managing editor, I gave my last printed editorial the title “Hello, goodbye!” in the 4/2021 issue. So now it is “Hello” again. On the redesigned website of DIY International at the familiar address, www.diyinternational.com, readers will find once again the content to which they are accustomed – no longer in hard copy form, but on the screen of their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

This is because the team at Dähne Verlag, which has been publishing the magazine for over 30 years, has focused on optimising the website for mobiles in the relaunch. As a purely digital magazine, DIY International now merges the long-established online news service with the content previously published in the printed version.

This means specifically that the online service will continue to report news on a daily basis for the international DIY and garden sector. The newsletter that previously appeared once per week will now be sent to readers regularly during the week, and this news service will remain free of charge.

Articles that would have appeared in the print copy of the magazine will likewise now be available at diyinternational.com. These include reports on new DIY store locations with future-oriented concepts, interviews with industry decision-makers, background reporting by the editorial team and its correspondents, company portraits of retailers and manufacturers as well as the carefully prepared “country reports” and “regional reports” featuring statistics produced by the research department at Dähne Verlag. The breadth and depth of reporting will thus meet the rigorous standards that have always been applied.

Another aspect that will remain the same is that these reports will continue to be made exclusively available to subscribers, because only readers with an online subscription will be able to retrieve articles bearing the “DIY+” logo.

Such features will be brought together under the “DIY+” heading. All articles posted on diyinternational.com will otherwise be assigned to one of the following headings: Distribution, Suppliers, Garden, Events or Countries.

One thing that will definitely change is that our information offering can now be published earlier and will thus be more up-to-date, because we are no longer dependent on print and publication deadlines. DIY International is thus becoming faster and more flexible to get the latest news to its readership across the world.

I would like to thank you for remaining loyal to DIY International in its digital version too!

Rainer Strnad

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