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English-language publications

DIY Retailers wordwide

Reference book for the international DIY market

  • Company profiles and comprehensive data on some 360 of the world's major DIY trading enterprises
  • Information about mergers, closures and takeovers
  • Macroeconomic background data for more than 70 countries across the globe

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PET Retailers in Europe

Reference book for the pet market in Europe, USA and Canada.

  • Profiles of more than 230 major multiple and franchise companies plus cooperatives from some 30 countries
  • Contact details and key figures

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German-language publications

DIY Handel in Deutschland

Reference book for the Do-it-yourself market in Germany

  • Profiles of approx. 50 of the major German DIY multiples, franchise companies, cooperatives, specialist stores and hypermarkets with DIY departments
  • Contact details, facts and figures
  • Addresses of about 5 300 affiliated DIY and specialist building stores
  • Addresses of approx. 200 independent DIY and building stores

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Garten Fachhandel

Reference book about the Garden Trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Profiles of over 60 of the biggest garden centre multiples, cooperative groups and DIY stores with garden centres
  • Contact details, facts and figures
  • Addresses of more than 4 000 affiliated garden centres
  • The current diy garden statistics

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PET Fachhandel

Refernce book for the pet market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Company profiles of some 56 of the major multiple and cooperative groups with full contact details, facts and figures
  • Addresses of over 4 500 affiliated branches
  • More than 2 000 addresses of independent specialist pet stores
  • Contact information of 50 online retailers

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