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Covid-19 provides clarity

The figures for 2020, year of the pandemic, are now in from a large number of countries and retail organisations. Quite apart from the unfortunate outcomes...View comment...
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Whether in your home office or at work - during the Coronavirus crisis, the current issue of DIY International is available here free of charge for use on PCs and mobile devices.


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Statistics Home Improvement Europe

Statistics Home Improvement
This brochure provides a competent overview of the situation in the Home Improvement sector in 31 European countries.

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Survey: Coronavirus

Effects on the home improvement industry?

The DIY sector is affected primarily...


6th Global DIY Summit 2018

Dachser, DIY-Logistics


Destination: The World

More than 1 100 participants came to the 6th Global DIY Summit in Barcelona. Here are the portraits of some of the most important companies that exhibited at the International Congress Exhibition.