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The Dutch and Brits like DIY the least of all

USP measured consumers’ attitudes towards DIY jobs in eleven European  countries.

USP measured consumers’ attitudes towards DIY jobs in eleven European countries.

The trend from do-it-yourself to do-it-for-me is once again confirmed by the European Home Improvement Monitor. The shifts are certainly slow still: the ratio of DIY to DIFM projects has changed from 68 to 32 per cent in the year 2014 by only two points to 66 to 34 per cent when querying the actual projects carried out.

However when asking about the attitude of consumers to DIY - "I (very much) like DIY jobs" vs. "I don't like DIY jobs (at all)" - it's a very different picture. The Netherlands and Great Britain particularly stand out here, the countries which were in fact seen as mature DIY markets: in these countries, rejection prevails (43 compared to 28 per cent of the Dutch, 42 compared to 32 per cent in Great Britain). At the other end of the scale are Italy (64 per cent like DIY, 13 per cent do not) and Poland (60 to 18 per cent). In Germany, 43 per cent admit to enjoying DIY projects, 32 per cent do not like it. These figures, however, originate from the fourth quarter of 2018; updated values from the current quarter have been announced by USP Marketing Consultancy, the operator of the monitor, for January.

|15 November 2019


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