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DIY trade in Spain loses only one per cent in sales in 2020

The Spanish DIY trade completed the year 2020 with a decline in sales of 1.06 per cent. This means that the declines of 9.26 per cent in the first quarter and 25.51 per cent in the second quarter were almost balanced out in the second half of the year: in the third quarter, the industry made 18.73 per cent more than in the same period last year, in the fourth quarter the plus amounted to 12.54 per cent.

Overall, the large-scale DIY stores came away somewhat better, with a minus of 0.94 per cent, than the traditional trade, which had to record a decline in sales of 1.51 per cent in 2020. These figures have been published by the trade association AECOC.

The decline is the first since 2012 and is, of course, a result of the coronavirus measures in Spain where the DIY trade didn't count as essential during the restrictions in spring. With this in mind, the development is being viewed as positive in the industry. "The sector has managed to close the most difficult year that we can remember with a turnover very similar to that of 2019, which highlights the resilience and adaptability of all operators who have been able to respond to a constantly changing situation," concludes Alejandro Lozano, responsible for the field of DIY at AECOC.

He highlights "the growth of online sales, which have been key to reaching consumers despite mobility restrictions, in a traditionally face-to-face sector" and "the effort made by distributors to respond to the large increase in demand that has been recorded since the reopening of establishments, and the changes that the pandemic has caused in consumer habits".

With regard to 2021, Lozano points out that the sector "will have to be prepared for another year marked by uncertainty, both in terms of regulation and in terms of demand".

|29 January 2021 | 11:47


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