4th Global DIY Summit 2016 | Ciret


Color Expert – a strong partner for the DIY trade


In fitting with the motto "A Disruptive World", Color Expert introduces its reorientation, with many innovations in products and customer information.Under the new concept "2 in 1" a generation of brushes is offered under UniStar and under EvoStar a range of foam rollers for all varnishes. WoodStar brushes have an additional tank and paint 30 per cent longer. With UltraLight a 50 per cent lighter paint roller set with aluminium bracket was introduced. The new PowerMaster bracket geometry for large rollers enables even work with little effort. Absolutely new is the self-service intuitive consumer guide on the shelves. In particular the allocation of tools into smooth, rough or course surfaces to be painted and the categorisation of quality levels good, better and best is a great help. www.colorexpert-ciret.eu


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