What is DIYinternational.com?

The Internet service DIYinternational.com is an online supplement to the specialist magazine DIY International. The DIY International editorial team from Dähne Verlag, is responsible for this information and has been reporting on DIY and home improvement stores and their partners in industry, as well as the gardening sector, since the industry began. Moreover, Dähne Verlag also publishes the specialist magazines diy, Dähne Information Services and HOLZFORUM.

Is DIYinternational.com a free Internet service?

A wide range of information is accessible free of charge at DIYinternational.com. The editorial team updates the top news items from the DIY and gardening sectors on a daily basis. These news items are freely accessible in full, one week after publication. Thereafter they are available in the archive. The archive together with a wealth of other information is reserved for subscribers to the premium area of DIYinternational.com.

What is the DIYinternational.com newsletter?

The DIYinternational.com editorial newsletter is available for all users, regardless of whether they are subscribers to DIYinternational or DIYinternational.com or not. The newsletter is sent by email on a weekly basis. It informs the recipient about the latest news from the industry.

What can I find in the archive?

The archive in the premium area of DIYinternational.com contains all articles from DIYinternational.com as well as all the back issues of DIY International since 1995. The current daily news is freely accessible for one week. A search without a password is also possible in the password protected archive area. However, in this case, the user can only see the list of articles including the reference source. In order to see the full text, a subscription to the premium area of DIY International.com is necessary.

How can I gain access to the DIYinternational.com premium area? How does the online order and password allocation work?

Above the menu item "subscription", in the top right of the navigation bar you will find an online order page. As soon as you have sent your order, you will receive a password and can immediately access the DIYinternational.com website.

What benefits do I have as a DIYinternational.com premium area subscriber?

In the DIYinternational.com premium area, the user can find all the important information about the DIY and gardening trade, about manufacturers, individual product groups, market trends etc., compact and clearly presented on one website. This information could be used, for example, in preparation for a presentation or lecture. It could also be useful as a research source for market and competitor analyses. Important: The complete archive for back issues of the specialist magazine DIY International since 1991 is accessible online.

I want to place an ad on DIYinternational.com. Where can I find more information?

You can find the media data for online advertising here: www.daehne.de/mediadaten. Contact persons are: Sandra Gütgemann (s.guetgemann(at)daehne.de) and Thomas Heinen (t.heinen(at)daehne.de).

I have forgotten my password. Who can help me?

Follow the link "Forgotten your password" on the premium area login site.