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Table of contents

  • Comment
  • 3Lessons learned from over 30 years

  • Distribution
  • 9Italy: the DIY retailers are growing again

    10The German top 10 get their growth from abroad

    12Germany, Austria, Switzerland: climate change has arrived

    14Bathroom furniture: the category is gaining importance

  • Regional report
  • 20United Kingdom: traditional DIY retailers are losing share

    23Statistics United Kingdom: average exception

    24Garden centres in the UK: resilience to economic uncertainty

    27Ireland: DIY remains very popular

    28Statistics Republic of Ireland: one top dog and many stores

    31Ireland: Woodie’s DIY, the Irish number 1

  • Main topic
  • 16Statistics Dähne Verlag: ranking of the top 30 DIY retailers worldwide

  • Focus
  • 36Europe: growing renovation demand is good news for the industry

    40Laminate: sales by European producers decline

  • EDRA/Fedyma
  • 437th Global DIY Summit: networking in Dublin

  • Suppliers
  • 32FN Neuhofer: innovative digital printing process

    33Blaupunkt: new range of insect killers

    34Motip Dupli: paint sprays for the DIY segment

  • Events
  • 45National Hardware Show: new sections

    46CIHS: restructuring in Shanghai

    47Asia-Pacific Sourcing: bigger and more international

  • Garden distribution
  • 48gpi: focus on the hobby gardener

    49Volmary: organic along the entire line

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Statistics Home Improvement Europe

Statistics Home Improvement
This brochure provides a competent overview of the situation in the Home Improvement sector in 31 European countries.

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