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Table of contents

  • Comment
  • 3Unexpected topicality

  • In brief
  • 6In brief

  • Distribution
  • 10Moderate growth is being forecast for America’s home center chains

    12The Russian DIY market experienced double-digit growth last year

    14Soyuz, a Russian buying group, can point to first positive results

    16The Werkmarkt stores are to make a fresh start under the Euro-DIY banner

  • Regional report
  • 18Interview: Self is the most important national DIY retail brand in Italy

    18The Italian DIY retail sector is feeling the effects of the financial crisis

    22Obi intends to continue with expansion in Italy. The goal is market leadership

    24Interview: Obi boss Sergio Giroldi on his company’s opportunities in Italy

    25Nespoli has undergone restructuring after the acquisition of Noelle

    26Tesa Italia adapts the parent company’s strategy to suit national conditions

    28The problem of kinking garden hoses ended with the introduction of Fitt’s no torsion system

    30Rabensteiner extended Garden Piccolo Giardino garden centre

  • Focus
  • 32DIY International has now appeared 150 times: DIY retail history in 150 headlines

    34Dähne Verlag presents its ranking of the world’s 150 biggest DIY retailers

  • Suppliers
  • 42The laminate flooring sales of the EPLF members showed a slight overall decline

    44Shanghai Moking Bathware: More colour under the shower

  • Events
  • 45New fair segments at the National Hardware Show

  • Events in brief
  • 46In brief

  • Garden events
  • 48IPM, Christmasworld and Ambiente all point to a positive mood in the garden sector

  • Products
  • 50 New Products

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