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Table of contents

  • Comment
  • 3The future of retailing

  • In brief
  • 6In brief

  • Distribution
  • 12Ace Hardware’s new CEO John Venhuizen is focused on brand and services

    16Interview: John Hartmann, the new chief executive officer of True Value

    20Fediyma World DIY Report: worldwide increase

  • Regional report
  • 24Emerging markets: Kingfisher’s concept store under the name of Vivid Homes in Shanghai

    26Emerging markets: Different definitions: the concept of an ‘emerging market’

    27Emerging markets: Chinese customers prefer local store formats

    28Emerging markets: Go West policy: China is not one homogeneous market

    30Emerging markets: The Chinese manufacturer JJ Tools and its Fixman brand

    31Emerging markets: E-commerce in Russia: the DIY sector is taking its time

    32Emerging markets: In the Urals the competition is hotting up

    38Emerging markets: Tesa is intensifying its involvement in Brazil

    39Emerging markets: Moonstar Admani, a Pakistani pottery Suppliers

  • Suppliers
  • 40Interview: industrial espionage is an underestimated danger

    42Philips and the digitization of light

  • Events
  • 21Edra/Fediyma: Ray Colman is to be the recipient of the European DIY Lifetime Award

    46Cologne Hardware Fair

    47CIHS: product quality on the rise

  • Events in brief
  • 43In brief

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