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CIHS, Shanghai


Changing conditions

The CIHS is adapting to the developments in the political arena and the economic dynamics on the hardware market View article...

Table of contents

  • Comment
  • 3Green room for improvement

  • Distribution
  • 14AllHome: the Philippine chain is picking up the pace of its expansion

  • Regional report
  • 26Figures from FMB and Inoha: the French market grew by 0.4 per cent last year

  • Suppliers
  • 36Fischer: focussing on “No tools Just Hands”

  • Garden distribution
  • 41Crest Hardware: a garden centre in the middle of Brooklyn, New York

Direct selection

DIN_aktuell_17.png 4/2019
DIN_aktuell_16.png 3/2019
DIN_aktuell_15.png 2/2019
DIN_aktuell_14.png 1/2019
DIN_aktuell_13.png 4/2018
DIN_aktuell_12.png 3/2018
DIN_aktuell_11.png 2/2018
DIN_aktuell_10.png 1/2018
DIN_aktuell_09.png 4/2017
DIN_aktuell_08.png 3/2017
DIN_aktuell_07.png 2/2017
DIN_aktuell_06.png 1/2017
DIN_aktuell_05.png 4/2016
DIN_aktuell_04.png 3/2016
DIN_aktuell_03.png 2/2016
DIN_aktuell_02.png 1/2016
DIN_aktuell_01.png 4/2015
DIN_aktuell.png 3/2015

Actual figures

Statistics Home Improvement Europe

Statistics Home Improvement
This brochure provides a competent overview of the situation in the Home Improvement sector in 31 European countries.

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