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Taiwan Hardware Show 2019
Gerd Keim, Kaigo
Taiwan Hardware Show
Taiwan Hardware Show
Taiwan Hardware Show, Taiwan

Taiwan Hardware Show

20th birthday in Taiwan

Taiwan is the world’s third-largest manufacturer and exporter of hardware and hand tools. For two decades, the Taiwan Hardware Show has been giving the industry a stage to present to buyers from all around the globe. In October 2020 in Taichung, the centre of this industry, it’s that time again View article...

Table of contents

  • Comment
  • 3From -80 to +20 per cent

  • Distribution
  • 18Market recovery in France: 2019 was a good year

  • Regional report
  • 33Thierry Coeman delivers an update of the Belgian home improvement universe

  • Main topic
  • 8Spain: AECOC association feels optimistic after a promising reopening

    10USA: a sales bonanza for hardware stores adapting to changing conditions

    12Taiwan: the industry maintains contact to its international customers via Internet

    14UK: traditional formats will have a role to play, says Kantar

    16UK: more collaboration, less Far East sourcing

  • Events
  • 4420th birthday of Taiwan Hardware Show

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DIN_aktuell_19.png 2-3/2020
DIN_aktuell_18.png 1/2020
DIN_aktuell_17.png 4/2019
DIN_aktuell_16.png 3/2019
DIN_aktuell_15.png 2/2019
DIN_aktuell_14.png 1/2019
DIN_aktuell_13.png 4/2018
DIN_aktuell_12.png 3/2018
DIN_aktuell_11.png 2/2018
DIN_aktuell_10.png 1/2018
DIN_aktuell_09.png 4/2017
DIN_aktuell_08.png 3/2017
DIN_aktuell_07.png 2/2017
DIN_aktuell_06.png 1/2017
DIN_aktuell_05.png 4/2016
DIN_aktuell_04.png 3/2016
DIN_aktuell_03.png 2/2016
DIN_aktuell_02.png 1/2016

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