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Besides its trading business, the Test Rite Group operates the leading Taiwanese home improvement retail chain. It is currently focusing on the topic of... View article...

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Effects on the home improvement industry?

The coronavirus is preoccupying people and institutions worldwide. The home improvement industry due to the postponement of the International Hardware Show among other things. But is that the worst effect? Take part in our survey at www.DIYinternational.com.

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27 February 2020

The effects oft the Brexit

Great Britain has decided to leave the European Union. Will there be any negative effects on the DIY and garden industry? Yes, in particular for... View survey ...

12 July 2016

The new DIYinternational.com: your opinion, please!

How do you like the new DIYinternational.com? Do the new layout and the new content appeal to you? View survey ...

22 October 2015

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Statistics Home Improvement Europe

Statistics Home Improvement
This brochure provides a competent overview of the situation in the Home Improvement sector in 31 European countries.

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Survey: Coronavirus

Effects on the home improvement industry?

The DIY sector is affected primarily...



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