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Brand new air exchanger

Lifegear, air exchanger

The Lifegear air exchanger introduces fresh air from outdoors and purifies indoor pollutions and toxic volatile substances to improve indoor air quality. People often rely on air-conditioning, mistakenly thinking it promotes the air circulation in the room. In fact, air-conditioners only recycle the air inside. When turning on air-conditioning, windows can't be opened at the same time, so they rely on the air exchanger to help bring in fresh air from the outside. The manufacturer gives an example: figures show that if the outside temperature is 33 degrees Celsius, the temperature is adjusted to 27.2 degrees through the paper core of an air exchanger, and if the temperature of an air conditioner is set at 25 degrees, the operation of it only needs to cool down 2.2 degrees, this way the device achieves an energy saving effect.


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