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The Swedish build the most homes, the Portuguese the least

Germany ranks mid-field with a quota of 3.2 new homes per 1 000 inhabitants.

Germany ranks mid-field with a quota of 3.2 new homes per 1 000 inhabitants.

In 2016, Switzerland and Norway were the European countries with the highest level of house-building activity in relation to the population.  The completion quota here lay at over six homes per 1 000 inhabitants.

However, according to expectations expressed by the European research and consulting network Euroconstruct, Sweden will probably push itself to the top of the ranking this year. The property expert explains that in Sweden low interest rates, a high demand for living space, which is also due to rising immigration, as well as an increase in income has led to a noticeable revival of construction activity. Important reforms have also been implemented. For example, authorisation procedures have been accelerated, regional taxation has been reduced and the rental market has been gradually deregulated.

Germany, the European country with the highest population, ranks mid-field with a quota of 3.2. Significantly less than two homes per 1 000 inhabitants were completed in Italy and Spain, the countries which were particularly affected by financial and national debt crises. Portugal brought up the rear in 2016 with a quota of 0.6 per cent.

Housing completion quota per 1 000 inhabitants

Switzerland 2016: 6.4
Switzerland 2017*: 6.4
Norway 2016: 6.1
Norway 2017*: 6.3
Austria 2016: 5.5
Austria 2017*: 5.8
France 2016: 5.3
France 2017*: 5.6
Sweden 2016: 5.3
Sweden 2017*: 6.5
Poland 2016: 4.3
Poland 2017*: 4.6
Belgium 2016: 4.0
Belgium 2017*: 4.3
Netherlands 2016: 3.7
Netherlands 2017*: 4.0
Germany 2016: 3.2
Germany 2017*: 3.3
Ireland 2016: 2.9
Ireland 2017*: 3.3
Slovakia 2016: 2.8
Slovakia 2017*: 3.0
Denmark 2016: 2.5
Denmark 2017*: 2.6
Great Britain 2016: 2.5
Great Britain 2017*: 2.6
Czech Republic 2016: 2.5
Czech Republic 2017*: 2.6
Italy 2016: 1.4
Italy 2017*: 1.3
Hungary 2016: 1.0
Hungary 2017*: 1.5
Spain 2016: 0.9
Spain 2017*: 1.3
Portugal 2016: 0.6
Portugal 2017*: 0.8

* Forecast
Source: Euroconstruct/LBS Research

| 5 September 2017


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