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The global market grows by almost four per cent

The “Global Home Improvement Report 2017” is distributed by the local associations of Fediyma

The “Global Home Improvement Report 2017” is distributed by the local associations of Fediyma.

In 2016, the DIY and home improvement world market turnover reached EUR 567 bn. This figure is stated in the new "Global Home Improvement Report 2017 by Fediyma". It means an increase of 3.8 per cent compared to the precedent year. However it must be taken into account that the authors newly calculated the previous year's value.

North America stands for 57 per cent and Europe for 28 per cent of the world market. In contrast, their joint population only amounts to 15 per cent of the world population. The home improvement markets of these two continents sum EUR 484 bn. North America had the highest average DIY expenditure per capita in 2016 with EUR 899.

Approximately 82 per cent of the Global DIY market (EUR 467 bn) is concentrated in only eight countries: USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and Italy. Moreover, the three major home improvement countries in Europe (Germany, France and the United Kingdom) represent 53 per cent of the continent's market.

The top 10 major DIY retailers worldwide are: Home Depot (USA), Lowe's (USA), Adeo (France), Kingfisher (UK), Menards (USA), Bunnings (Australia), Obi (Germany), Bauhaus (Germany), Sears (USA) and Canadian Tire (Canada). Home Depot and Lowe's alone already stand for 25 per cent of the global market.
The "Global Home Improvement Report 2017" is distributed by the local associations of Fediyma: the manufacturers' association Haus & Garten (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), IVG (Germany), Unibal (France), BHETA (UK), AFEB (Spain and Portugal), FEBIN (Belgium) and Made4DIY (Italy). International companies not based in any of these countries contact Fediyma directly.

|17 November 2017


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